Holistic Massage in Hornchuch Bromley

Holistic Feeling MassageHolistic Feeling provides holistic massage therapy treatments in a professional and comfortable setting, in Hayes Bromley.

Using Swedish massage techniques, Holistic Feeling helps to provide effective relief for a range of medical, postural and stress-related conditions. Customised treatment plans are designed to meet individual client needs, focusing on specific areas (including feet, legs, head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and abdomen etc), combined areas or full body treatments.

Treatments are focused on the 'whole' individual including their physical, mental and emotional state by bringing these back to there natural form, and helping to enhance your well-being, increase your energy levels and promote relaxation.

Holistic Feeling is delivered in a comfortable setting, by a highly-skilled and professional massage therapist to ensure you undergo a truly relaxing experience, that has a positive affect long after the session ends.

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hour, 1 hour and 1 and hour treatments options are available.

Block bookings are available at a discount.

T: 07825611228 or E: bookings@holisticfeeling.com


Treatment Plans

foot massageHolistic Feeling offers a range of treatment options and customised therapies to treat your individual massage needs. Click here to find out more.


stone massageHolistic Feeling massage treatments provide affective relief for aching muscles, fatigue, and stress-related conditions to leave you feeling relaxed and restored. Click here to find out more.

Special Offers

neck massageHolistic Feeling offers a range of discounts on block bookings and special introductory prices for first time clients. Click here to find out more.